Image Credit: Anjali Rao In the beautiful town of Jashnpur, close to the railway station, lived a little girl named Moubani. She was sweet and sprightly, and always helped her parents in and around the house. Whether it was carrying clothes for her mother while doing the laundry or assisting her father in laying the table for dinner, Moubani was... Read More
Image Credit: Anjali Rao Down the valley by the creek, where the bluebirds always sing merrier than usual, lived a little girl named Korina. She had loving parents, a caring older brother and a sprightly pet dog named Cash. Korina was a kind little soul. She was always ready to help others, be it at school or at home. In... Read More
Image Credit: Anjali Rao Once upon a time, there lived a sprightly little boy named Om. He lived with his parents and grandparents in a beautiful home in Sunnydale. Om loved the outdoors – be it playing tennis, swimming or flying kites. And as he lived close to the river, flying kites was one of his favourite activities, given the... Read More
Image Credit: Anjali Rao Have you ever wondered what the most precious thing is in the whole world? Well, this story is about that. And a girl named Sanaya. So, settle in and let me tell you about it. In the town of Gemsland, there lived a lovely little girl named Sanaya. She loved to go out, make friends and... Read More
Image Credit: Sairaj Wayne Once upon a time, there were two friends named Diyan and Ramon. They were not only friends but also neighbours. They went to the same school and every evening, played together. Both loved to play cricket. Among foods, while Diyan loved pasta, ice cream was Ramon’s favourite. Above all, they loved each other’s company and were... Read More
Image credit: Parna Sil Once upon a time, in a faraway land there lived a little girl named Aria. She lived with her parents, her baby sister Evie and pet cat, Mimi. They were one happy family. Aria had blonde hair and a winning smile. She loved to dance, play with her friends and create various works of craft. And... Read More
Image Credit: Parna Sil Down the valley in the south of Riverdale, there was a small, merry town named Lockweed. The people there were friendly and happy. Throughout the day, they chatted and sang while working and laughed loudly at each other's jokes. The children were rarely unruly. They went to school in the mornings and played in the evenings.... Read More
Image Credit: Parna Sil This is the story of a lovely little girl named Aria. Living in the bustling town of Daffdale, she loved dance, music and playing with her friends. Aria also liked to listen to stories from her grandparents when they visited her. She lived with her parents in a beautiful red cottage. Now, among all the foods... Read More
Image Credit: Parna Sil There was once a little girl named Madhuja. She was a sweet, kind girl with a beautiful smile. If there was one thing in the world that she loved the most, it was dancing. Yes, Madhuja enjoyed swaying her hands and legs to the beat of music. Also, when she was happy she would spring a... Read More
Image Credit: Parna Sil Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Waresha. She had short, black hair and a lovely smile. Reading books and playing were her favourite activities. Waresha also loved to have ice cream. In fact, she loved ice cream so much that she could have it any time of the day. Strawberry ice cream... Read More

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