How to Help Your Child Increase Their Focus

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Children need to be able to concentrate and focus to learn anything new, be it a lesson in academics or a useful skill. However, today’s fast-paced and tech savvy world has plenty of distractions. It can often interfere with your little one’s attention span, leading them to stray easily from the task at hand. However, it is essential for your child to improve their focus, as it is a means to ensure overall growth and development in the long run. While some kids have no difficulty shutting out distractions and focusing on the current activity, others can have a hard time.

So, here are some tips to enable to increase their focus:

  1. Build a Routine

Set up a routine for your child and ensure that they stick to it. This will not only help boost your child’s overall performance and productivity but also make them more disciplined. Keep allotted periods for doing homework, taking a jog or run and having meals and snacks. It will lead to better physical and mental health for your child, which is ultimately the key to improving focus and concentration.

2. Break Down Large Tasks

When a task is too big or cumbersome, it can appear daunting to kids. This may push them away from doing it in the first place. So, the best way to make them concentrate on such big tasks is by breaking them into smaller chunks. However, make sure to set deadlines so that your child does not put the work off for later.

3. Include Naps and Breaks

In the midst of a tedious task, there is often a boost in concentration after a short break. Also, a power nap in the afternoon or after a long day can re-energize your child. So, incorporate a proper number of breaks and naps in your little one’s day to make sure that their brain is well-rested. Hunger pangs and bathroom breaks need to be taken care of too prior to study as they can hamper concentration.

4. Do One Thing at a Time

While multitasking is commendable, it interferes with our concentration and reduces the quality of output. As kids naturally have a short attention span, it is best to assign them one task at a time. If you are joining them in the activity, avoid skimming through your phone or doing other things on the side. Set an example of doing one thing at a time.

5. Incorporate a Healthy Diet

Though this may sound far-fetched, a healthy diet has a strong link to a child’s power of concentration. Include seasonal fruits and vegetables. Consuming food that is rich in sugar or junk food can make your little one feel sluggish while protein-rich foods such as meat, almonds and chickpeas can increase their energy and concentration.

6. Engage in Problem-Solving Games

A great way of increasing your child’s focus is by engaging them in puzzles, riddles and other games that require them to think deeply. The result-oriented approach in games will help them adopt a similar approach to studies and other important work. However, make sure they indulge in such activities in their free time. The trick is to make it appear like fun instead of something that is mentally exhausting.

7. Practise Exercises in Mindfulness

Practising mindfulness is beneficial not only for adults but kids as well. It can help improve their degree of focus and behaviour too. This is because it lowers the heart rate and clears the mind effectively for concentrating. One great mindfulness exercise is to sit quietly and concentrate on breathing in and breathing out. Taking a few deep breaths before a not-so-fun task such as a test or cleaning up after playing can make a huge difference.

To get your child to concentrate can be tough but the above tips can definitely help ease the process. Focus is the secret key to everything in life and with an increased focus, there’s no stopping your kid from accomplishing anything they want.

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