Kidsownstory is designed with the purpose of making kids’ lives fun and enjoyable, adding that extra excitement. We all love stories and it is more so for children. With a story revolving around your child/nephew/niece/ward as the central character, we aim to give you and your little one a unique, memorable experience. The customized story will inspire in your child self-love, esteem, happiness and confidence in the long run. It will be a gift that will make them feel special and treasured.

Our commitment is to compose not just children’s stories, but stories that will make your little one the star. Your child’s happiness is our fulfilment.

Know Your Writer

Ananya is a short story writer, book reviewer and poet of sorts from Kolkata. Her work has been published in The Times of India, Muse India, Woman’s Era, New Woman, 4indianwoman, Children’s World, KidsWorldFun, Induswomanwriting, Conversations Across Borders, Indian Ruminations, Earthen Lamp Journal, Spark and The Madras Mag. She won the first prize in both the Story Writing Contest by the American Library, Kolkata as part of the Fiction Festival 2008; and Induswomanwriting Poetry Contest, 2012. She was also a prize winner in the LoudReview Review Writing Competition, 2012 and Writers’ HQ Story Competition, 2016. She loves to go for long walks, stargaze and imagine the seemingly impossible. 

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