8 Fun Kids Activities during the Coronavirus Quarantine

With the Coronavirus crisis and the emphasis on social distancing, several governments across the world have imposed lockdowns. While keeping to your homes during quarantine can be somewhat frustrating, it is doubly so for kids. With that high level of energy and insatiable curiosity to do and discover new things, children can be difficult to be monitored during confinement. However, the key is to engage them in fun activities every day.

You do not need any fancy items for these games. In fact, most of them require supplies that you already have at home. All you need is the drive to spruce things up and make it interesting for your little one. Here are some activities to check out:

  1. Arrange a Treasure Hunt

There’s nothing like a treasure hunt! Choose certain non-expensive items (such as a pen, a small toy and so on) and hide them in various parts of the house. Consider picking 10 to 20 items as that will help to keep your child occupied for quite some time. Another alternative is to hide one main thing and then put clues (in chits of paper) everywhere. Each clue could lead to the next clue or point toward the main hidden item.

2. Watch a Movie

It is a great idea to have your kid watch a children’s movie or an educational/documentary film on an interesting topic. While it is ideal if you could watch the film with your child, this may not always be possible if you are working from home or are burdened by other additional responsibilities. In such cases, you could request your kid to watch carefully while you quiz them later with questions such as – What was the film about? Who were the main characters? Did you learn anything important from the film? Would you recommend the film to anyone? Make sure you keep things light and don’t grill them. The idea of a fun Q&A will help your child focus on the film while you do your work.

3. Read Together

Pick out a few great books, either offline or online and do buddy reading. This kind of reading essentially involves you and your kid reading turn by turn. You could read alternate paragraphs or alternate pages. Read with expression and exclaim surprise at new twists and turns in the text. As in the case of the movie, if you are unable to join let them know that there will be a fun quiz later on. To take it a notch higher, you and your kid could also act out the story by taking the roles of different characters!

4. Have an Indoor Dance Party

Turn up your kid’s favourite music and get grooving. Try out new, fun moves to make them laugh. Another great idea is to look up Facebook live dance parties in advance and join them on the stipulated date. That way, you’ll have great music playing to which you can tap your feet and swing your body. Also, since these live parties have party music, you and your kids might feel that verve much more and therefore, enjoy in a remarkable way.

5. Make Paper Art

Teach your child to make different items out of paper such as flowers, boats and butterflies. There are online tutorials that make this easy. You could also be innovative and try out different things on your own. Colour these items together and put up a menagerie. Or make up different scenes of a story by creating the characters and background out of paper. It will be a lovely display once done. Don’t forget to click photographs to keep it as a memory.

6. Play Board Games

These may be old-fashioned but they are great to engage when you have to keep indoors. Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Checkers, Game of Life…the list is endless. It’s time to take out those board games and get started.

7. Take Virtual Tours

There are lots of places you can explore virtually. For example, the 7 wonders of the world and other famous landmarks of the world. There are also a vast number of museums, theme parks and zoos that are offering virtual tours. They could keep your child engaged for hours on end. An excellent way to learn AND have fun at the same time!

8. Write fictional letters

Choose a well-loved story or fairy tale and then imagine a situation where one of the characters had to write a letter to the other. What would this letter contain? Have your child write it out. For example imagine the letter Cinderella could have written to her Fairy Godmother after the ball or the letter the Prince could have written to Rapunzel after he fell in love with her. This will encourage your child’s writing skills and imagination as well.

These activities are great for keeping your kids entertained during the quarantine. Most importantly, you need to keep calm and look at the bright side during this time as your disposition is bound to reflect on your child. Whether you are working from home or are a stay-at-home parent, you’ve got this. The times may be tough, but you can make it through.

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