8 Fun Activities for Parents and Kids

Parenting can often be exhausting. It is easy to get caught up in the responsibilities so that we forget to enjoy the wonder of the journey itself. However, it is important to have fun as then, your day and your life becomes naturally fulfilling, no matter how mundane or monotonous it may seem on the outside.

Loosen your bone from time to time and let the child in you take over. Fun activities for parents and kids not only help both parties to bond and find common ground more easily but also makes rearing up a child a smoother process.

That said, here are some activities to engage with your child to add that zest in your life:

  1. Play Peppy Songs in the Morning

Most children do not like waking up at the stipulated hour in the morning, especially if it is a weekday. In this context, a great way to liven up the mornings, whether it is a weekday or weekend is to play peppy or groovy wake-up songs. You could sing along and even show off a few moves. Soon, you will have your kid joining you too and eventually getting ready for the day with that spark in their eye. Though playing songs in the background may sound simple, it is a great way to get prepped together.

2. Engage in a Toy Show

Along with your child, gather a cast of stuffed animals, dolls and toy figures. Then, split them between the two of you and put on a show. You could act as if one of the toys is celebrating their birthday and the others have come over to celebrate or it could be an imaginary picnic where all the toys are present. Try using various voices for the different animals and dolls. Consider taking the action in an offbeat direction as therein lies the fun.

3. Cook Together

When it comes to preparing simple snacks (as against an elaborate meal), make your kid a part of the process. Wrap around those aprons and get in it together. This can be a great learning experience for your child as well as a fun activity. They can bring things to you at hand, read out recipes and use maths to measure ingredients. Great assistance and a win-win for everyone!

4. Have a Movie Night

Watch a kids’ movie or an adventure flick that your child will enjoy at least once a week. Make it a family movie night as you unwind together and have a great time. Share reviews and ratings once the show is over to turn it up a notch. It will teach your child to not watch a film passively but analyse and discuss it too.

5. Have Fun with Reading

Reading stories together is another great fun activity that can shift you to another place and time altogether. Take turns in reading. You could read the first paragraph and then your child reads the next and so on. When the story is over, both of you can dress up as certain characters and act out important scenes. You could also ask yourlittle one to narrate a sequel to it and eventually write it down. The key here is to be as creative as you can possibly be.

6. Explore Nature

You need not always make noise to have fun. Indulge in some quiet nature activities which will make your child appreciate the earthly beauties. Lie on your back in the terrace, park or backyard and watch the clouds as they float by. Discuss the shapes and compare notes. Allow yourself to get silly or contemplative. If you do this at night time, you could look at stars and constellations. A great way to quietly observe nature is by playing the game ‘Do You See What I See?’ outdoors in the daytime. Choose random things that require minute attention to get noticed such as a tiny sapling in the crack of a wall or an oddly shaped flower.

7. Learn New Things Together

For kids, it is incredibly fun when you join them in exploring new things together. Learn the lifestyle of certain people living in a faraway island or dig up facts about the most intelligent animal on land and in water. The subject could be anything so long as it is interesting. Pore over books or browse the internet with your child and marvel at the information you come across. It could be a beautiful journey for both of you without having to step out of home!

8. Have a Jam Session

Have you ever considered creating music with everyday items? Rap on a stool, tap your feet, clap your hands and make various noises with your mouth to compose a variety of music. Invite your kid to participate and have a jam session together. It is a great enrichment activity that will lighten the mood and make you have a gala time.

So, there you go – some interesting fun activities that are great for parent-child bonding. Avoid barking orders to your little one all the time and instead acknowledge their presence by spending quality time together. Parenting is a beautiful process. So, have fun along the way and don’t let the everyday hassles take it away from you!

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