4 Unique Birthday Gifts for Your Child

Birthdays are special, and more so that of your child. In fact, it is that day of the year that all of you look forward to. And you want to make it delightful and memorable for the little one. You think of what to gift and how to make the day stand out among the rest.

When it comes to giving presents to kids, we need to remember that it is not simply the gift that counts but its value. Does your gift teach your child something? Will its essence be something that will remain in mind? These are points to consider. Also, as a parent, uncle, aunt or older cousin, you want your gift to be as unique as possible. That said, here are four unique birthday gifts for children:

  1. Themed Birthday Party
A Circus-Themed Birthday Party

What better way to celebrate your munchkin’s day that by organizing a birthday party around their favourite theme? It could be a scene out of the woods, under water with mermaids and sea creatures, a garden, a circus or Fairyland. If your kid is fond of a particular place from a storybook such as Emerald City from L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful City of Oz, Neverland from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan or Hobbiton from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, you could make the theme centred on it. The decorations, paraphernalia, lighting and music can all conduce to the theme and make the party appear to be happening right in the middle of your child’s fantasy land. You can bet that the party will come alive in its own way, bringing with it tons of fun and enjoyment.

For princess-themed parties or Disney movie-themed ones, your child’s friends can be requested to arrive dressed as various characters. However, if this seems like too much of a hassle and appears like a fancy dress competition to you, it can be left out of the plan. Make sure the theme is personal and suits your budget. You can also take the cue from what’s in trend (example, a newly released popular animation film) and run the idea past your close friends to check that it is in sync with the occasion. DIY items related to various themes are available in e-commerce stores. If you’re pressed for time, hiring a party planner is a good idea. All in all, a themed birthday party makes for a great gift, highlighting the importance of wishes, dreams and fantasy. A theme around the choice of your child is bound to linger in their mind for years to come!

2. Indoor Plant

Indoor Plant

Though this may not have the usual oomph, gifting a child an indoor plant is a great idea. It teaches them to nurture and care for another living organism and helps build a love for the environment. Plants like ferns, pothos, dracaena and spider plant are great indoor greenery and purify the air in your home as well.

Indoor Plant

To make the gift doubly exciting, you can choose a creative ceramic pot with tray plate for the plant. The pots are available in the shapes of various animals and birds with colourful designs. The plant and the pot will make a beautiful package to gift to your little one. And the best part is that unlike other presents, the plant will grow and evolve – through the diligence and attention of your little one! How cool is that?! Also, it will teach your child the art of patience as they observe the leaves sprouting and the plant growing bigger with time. This is not just a gift but a companion of sorts. It will be remembered for the quiet, positive message and the thrill of creating something on their own.

3. Creative Wall Art

Wall Art with a Quote

If you want to present your child with something that will spruce up their room, consider a creative wall artwork or hanging. There are a range of digital downloads on sale, from pictures of animals and landscapes to motivational quotes. You can also search online for free copyright-free downloads. Get the image you want printed and framed in dimensions that are suitable for your child’s room or nursery. Ensure that the colour of the image aligns with that of the room colour, either by matching or contrast. If you’re choosing the image of an animal, it could be your child’s favourite animal. Or if there is a particular kind of place they are fond of, for example the beach or the mountains, the wall art could contain an image of that. Instead of choosing one big wall art, you could choose a set of two or three artworks. Alternate with two pictures and an inspirational quote or proverb or vice versa, depending on their age. Remember that younger children love colourful visuals much more than older ones.

Wall Art with a Picture

Wall art helps to infuse a sense of optimism and fun in your kid’s everyday surroundings. It buoys up their spirit amidst the daily grind of life. And it definitely contributes to them being happy, healthy human beings and amazing adults later on. It’s easier to understand this in the context of a single image. Imagine the image of a rainbow in your child’s room. Not only does it make the ambiance vibrant with a splash of colours but also indirectly reminds how beautiful life can be on the other side of adversity. It stands for motivation and hope as well as a sign of good luck. As the little one wakes up every day to this beautiful image, its implicit message gets ingrained in them. Also, this can help them cope better after a hard day.

4. A Customized Story

An Image from the Customized Story The Ice Cream Bowl

Children are innately imaginative. So, what better way to give their imagination the perfect outlet that by a customized short story? Make them the central character – the hero or heroine of a story and make them feel like the star of the show! After all, it is their birthday and they deserve to feel special. Kidsownstory is here to do exactly that. Fill in the details about your child, such as their age, likes, dislikes, and so on. Kidsownstory uses the details to compose an original fictional story within 7–10 days, replete with illustrations where your little one rules the day. That’s right! And it’s an online story, which means that it can be accessed and shared at all times.

Laden with valuable morals, the customized story will be the perfect gift to show your love. Imagine your tiny tot reading or listening to it over and over again as a bedtime story. Heart-warming, right? And having their very own story will also encourage in them the habit to read. A win-win situation! You can gift either a single story or a set of stories, all revolving around your child as the hero.

An Image from the Customized Story The Talking Tree

This is not just a gift but an experience altogether. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a special advantage of an online customized story is that it that its delivery is physically contact-free. So, the chances of any germ transfer are nil. You may happen to be their favourite aunt or uncle but perhaps stay miles away in another city or country. But that does not come in the way of giving them an amazing gift through the world’s most amazing network – the internet.

So, there you have it. Four unique birthday gifts that are bound to stand out and take your little one to Cloud 9! They are completely worth it and designed to etch a mark on the pages of memory.

Is your child/nephew/niece’s birthday drawing near? Well, now you know what to get. So, let’s get the ball rolling!


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