The Concept

Can you imagine a story where your child is the hero? Would you like to gift a story to your child reflecting their likes, dislikes, fancies and greatest ambitions? Do you believe a customized story can make your little one feel special and treasured? If the answer to all these questions is “yes” you’re at the right place!

Kidsownstory is here to create a story tailored to your kid. However, unlike commissioned writing there will be an element of surprise. The plot and outcome of each story will be the writer’s creative liberty. But the story will have your dear one as the star and make use of their mannerisms and interests. A whole new world will come live with your child as the hero.

How It Works

The process of making your child the centre of a story is simple.

  • 01.Fill up the form in the Get Started section, enlisting and describing various aspects about your child, their interests, passions, etc. and submit the same.
  • 02.We will get in touch with you within 24 hours to initiate the process.
  • 03.Within 10-15 days, the story will be up on the website (with illustration). An update will be sent to you via phone and email.

Why Go For It?

Creating a personalized story for your kid is a great idea! Why?

Make Them Feel Special

With the central character bearing your child’s name and following their passion, this story means much more to them. It is inspiration itself. They will feel special like never before.

Instill Confidence

Since the story centres around your child, it will boost their self-confidence and esteem, giving them the zest to do their best in everything they do.

A Great Gift

This makes a great birthday gift or reward for achieving any other milestone (such as getting good grades, winning at a sports event, etc.). The uniqueness will set it apart from other run-of-the-mill ways of showing appreciation and encouragement.

Habit of Reading

Whether your child loves to read or not, this will evoke in them a love for reading. A great habit in the long run!

24/7 Access

As the story will exist on the website, it will always be there for everyone to access, read and enjoy. There is no need to carry any book!

Give Them a Celebrity Status

With their own online story which the entire global community can read and access, your kid will literally feel like a star!

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